STIR seminars 2022

Every last Friday of the month online
**8:30–10:00am AZ, 5:30–7:00pm CET **

What are the seminars about?

STIR seminars provide opportunities to learn, connect, and grow the STIR community worldwide. Experienced STIR researchers present and discuss STIR studies that are circulated among seminar participants in advance. Recordings of past seminars may be viewed on our Youtube channel.

Who should participate?

The seminar series brings together STIR researchers worldwide. Policy makers and professionals who are interested in STIR and in collaborations with STIR researchers are welcome to join.

Who organizes the events?

Erik Fisher, Cynthia Pickering, Lyric Peate (Arizona State University, US), Mareike Smolka (Maastricht University, NL)Co-organizers:
Michiel van Oudheusden (KU Leuven, BE), Miklós Lucovics (University of Szeged, HU), Alan Tkaczyk (University of Tartu, EE), Mone Spindler (University Tübingen, DE), Alexandra Hausstein (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE), Antonia Bierwirth (Tecnalia Centre of Applied Research and Technology Development, ES), Steven Flipse (TU Delft, NL), Peter Stegmaier (University of Twente, NL)

Who supports us?

The seminar series is supported by the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST). It received the EASST Fund 2021-22.


Socio-technical integration is any process by which technical experts take into account the societal dimensions of their work as an integral part of that work.SocioTechnial Integration Research (STIR) studies this phenomenon by collaboratively describing it in real-time.STIR seeks to (1) understand expert technical capacities to respond to societal considerations, (2) explore to what extent these capacities can be more robustly exercised and (3) enhance these capacities where possible. It pursues these objectives through guided activities that allow technical experts to systematically exercise their capacities while going about their normal work.STIR has been tested in over 80 studies worldwide.


JAN 28 - Steven Flipse

  • Flipse, S.M., van der Sanden, M.C.A. & Osseweijer, P. (2013) Midstream Modulation in Biotechnology Industry: Redefining What is ‘Part of the Job’ of Researchers in Industry. Science and Engineering Ethics 19, 1141–1164.

FEB 25 - Daan Schuurbiers

  • Schuurbiers, D. (2011) What happens in the Lab: Applying Midstream Modulation to Enhance Critical Reflection in the Laboratory. Science and Engineering Ethics 17, 769–788. https//

MAR 25 - Shannon Conley

  • Conley, S.N. & Fisher, E. (2019) Developing a Theoretical Scaffolding for Interactional Competence: A Conceptual and Empirical Investigation into Competence Versus Expertise. In The Third Wave in Science and Technology Studies, edited by D.S. Caudill et al., 235–253.

APR 25 - Mareike Smolka

  • Smolka, M., Fisher, E. & Hausstein A. (2021) From Affect to Action: Choices in Attending to Disconcertment in Interdisciplinary Collaborations. Science, Technology & Human Values 46(5), 1076–1103.

MAY 27 - Erik Fisher

JUL 29 - Anthony Levenda

  • Background reading: Levenda, A. M., Richter, J., Miller, T. R. & Fisher, E. (2019) Regional sociotechnical imaginaries and the governance of energy innovations. Futures 109(May), 181–191.

AUG 26 - Juan Carlos García and Cristian Puga-González

  • Working paper: García, J. C. & Puga-Gonzáles, C. (2022) Socio-Technical Integration Research in Mexico: Unveiling an Incarceration Triad for Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy. pdf.

SEP 29 - Miklós Lukovics and Nikoletta Nádas

  • Lukovics M., Udvari, B., Nádas, N. , & Fisher, E. (2019) Raising Awareness of Researchers-in-the-Making. Towards Responsible Research and Innovation. Journal of the Knowledge Economy. 10(4), 1558-1577.

OCT 28 - Paul Ellwood

NOV25 – François Thoreau

  • Thoreau, F. (2011) On Reflections and Reflexivity: Unpacking Research Dispositifs. In Quantum Engagements: Social Reflections of Nanoscience and Emerging Technologies. Amsterdam: IOS Press. pdf

DEC30 – Robert Pronk

  • Background reading: Pronk, R. (2018) Modelling Midstream Modulation in Medical Technology: An investigation of communication characteristics and effectiveness. Master thesis, TU Delft. Repository

Practice Lab

Every second Friday online
**9:30–10:00am AZ, 5:30–7:00pm CET **
To receive the zoom link for the practice lab session, please contact Erik Fisher.

To gain practical experience in using the STIR method, you can join the practice lab. Experienced STIR researchers will facilitate the sessions and answer questions. You can drop in for any practice lab session you like. There is no registration required.


JAN 28 - 9:30am AZ / 5:30pm CET
Steven Flipse

Midstream Modulation in Biotechnology: Redefining what is 'part of the job' of researchers in industry

FEB 25 - 9:30am AZ / 5:30 CET
Daan Schuurbiers

What Happens in the Lab: Applying midstream modulation to enhance critical reflection in the laboratory

MAR 25 - 9:30am AZ / 5:30pm CET
Shannon Conley

STIRring Forms of Life: Applying STIR Approaches and Sensibilities in Laboratory, Pedagogical, and Interdisciplinary Engagement Spaces

APR 29 - 8:30am AZ / 5:30pm CET
Mareike Smolka

Affect and careful engagement in STIR

MAY 27 - 8:30am AZ / 5:30pm CET
Erik Fisher

On being surprised by the practical effects of STIR

JUN 23 - 3:00pm AZ / 9:00am AED (Jun 24)
Bastien Miorin

Contemplating Nanotechnology Waste in an Environmental Engineering Lab: A Waste of Time?

JUL 29 - 8:30am AZ / 5:30pm CET
Anthony Levenda

Why can't engineers think about this sort of thing? The importance of reaching out to affected users

AUG 26 - 8:30am AZ / 5:30pm CET
Juan Carlos García and Cristian Puga Gonzales

STIR research in Mexico: Unveiling an Incarceration Triad for Responsible Research and Innovation

SEP 29 - 8:30am AZ / 5:30pm CET
Miklós Lucovics and Nikoletta Nádas

Lessons from STIR in post-
socialist innovation environments

OCT 28 - 8:30am AZ / 5:30pm CET
Paul Ellwood

Socio-technical decision points in a UK nanotechnology lab for commercial applications

NOV 25 - 9:30am AZ / 5:30pm CET
François Thoreau

On Reflections and Reflexivity: Unpacking Research Dispositifs

DEC 30 - 9:30am AZ / 5:30pm CET
Robert Pronk

Communication characteristics in Midstream Modulation

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